Shooting Myself in the Foot

January 26, 2011 at 6:56 pm (Healthy...?)

I suppose there are times when I’m too honest. I know this. But I also know I can’t stop myself. So, when they called to ask me about my health for the insurance application, I told them the truth: I have allergies. My allergist suggests I not spend that much time outdoors. I have asthma, which is brought on by my allergies and also gets worse when I am sick, but is controlled with medication. I have migraines which are mostly due to hormones but can also be brought on by not enough sleep, wafting perfume, and stress. This all added up to…a level 5 classification (which my insurance broker has NEVER seen before) and a grand total of $2100 monthly for health insurance. Um, thanks but no thanks. So now we begin the process again with another application, this time for some kind of guaranteed coverage.

I’ve got to find a job with benefits. I’d love to get it now, but feel obligated to finish the project (which my girlfriend keeps saying isn’t worth the money, but it’s MONEY and I’m earning it, dammit!) I started in the beginning of January and lasts through the end of March. Lots of driving, good money but I already know I’m going to have to pay a bunch of taxes on it, and I’m not home to take care of things that my girlfriend thinks I should be taking care of. I can’t win.

Bother. I vow to be less…open…about my asthma/allergies/migraines. Yes, I have them. Yes, they’re all easily controlled with medication. No, they’re not really a concern, just there. How’s that?


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