About to Build That Ark

December 19, 2010 at 10:08 am (Randomness, Weekend Update)

It’s been raining for days. Literally. Started Thursday and hasn’t let up since then. Not very helpful for the people who want to get things done like, oh, patching and painting some walls downstairs so I can get the floor guys in to finish the rooms. And I don’t suppose it’s very good for those burn areas from the fires we had last summer either. Our street is mostly water, the driveway has a river about 5 feet across and 8 inches deep at the moment. Here’s hoping the roof doesn’t leak here. It’s strange to have weather in Southern California. Stranger still to have the morning news lead with “STORM WATCH 2010!” Because in Los Angeles, believe me, this is big news.

Other happenings this week:  K was here for a little less than 24 hours, we got to spend a little time together while she was on this coast (she lives in Italy most of the year. She owns an inn, here’s the link). I made her sit through 3 hours of Christmas carols–the annual fundraiser for my choir–we called 25-30 people, wished them happy holidays and sang to them. There was wine and beer involved so it was all good. We then ventured to K’s hotel…they should rename it the Bates Motel, it was that creepy. Oh, they bill it as being kitschy but really? It was kind of horrific. I’ll show you my pics:

This is the first time I’ve uploaded pictures to this blog, so bear with me if they don’t turn out right.

Anyway, creepy hotel.

Friday night my girlfriend and I did something we’ve not done…ever? Maybe we have but it’s been years. We went to a bar to meet some friends. It was karaoke night. So I had to get drunk in order to tolerate the 2 REALLY HORRIBLE ones. The rest of the night I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the people singing could actually sing. I suppose I should’ve guessed that considering the person who invited us sings in my choir. But karaoke for me has always been a traumatic experience, so being likkered up helped. Didn’t help my diet much, as I drank 3 1/2 beers and then got a burger to soak up some of the alcohol. At 2 in the morning. When am I going to remember that I’m not in my 20s anymore and I can’t do things like this? At least I wasn’t too hung over yesterday. Just felt really fat.

The rest of my weekend? I’m supposed to be working on the downstairs apartment but my reinforcements have yet to arrive. My girlfriend stayed up all night and is now crashed out, and her brother is MIA. Maybe we’ll get some stuff done despite the rain.


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