Better Early Than Not At All

December 6, 2010 at 9:22 pm (Baby on the Brain, Healthy...?) (, )

I went to see my doctor last week for an update on my allergy & asthma medications. I’ve had allergies to animals and pollens for as long as I can remember. My allergist seems to think I’m so allergic I shouldn’t go outdoors. Anyway, I take a handful of medications to keep myself from running out of oxygen on a regular basis. We also discussed my migraines, which I seem to get at least twice a month, I think they coincide very nicely with ovulation and starting my period. But I’ve nothing substantive on that. I was on a beta blocker for a year to see if that helped any with the pain/length of my migraines, and it did seem to help, but my girlfriend said I lost too many brain cells and had too many memory problems while on the medication and made me stop. It also has some weird side effects related to heart attacks or something, so I did stop taking them.

Cut to this past week, and recent memories of the past two periods that were painful—cramps and migraines and bloated, oh my! My doctor thought it odd that a previous doctor had put me on a relatively high dose of the beta blocker and when I asked what the lowest effective dosage might be for migraine relief, he said it was about ¼ of what I used to take. So now I’m taking that in addition to the rest of the morning pills.

Oh, and the painful period? About 4 days early. Though I’m not sure. I thought, according to my BBT, that I ovulated about 10 days before my period started. I guess I’m going to have to get a lot more disciplined about my temp taking in the morning. I took it this morning and it was 96.5. My chart barely goes that low. I’m going to have to start drawing additional boxes for my x’s. I suppose, given how unpredictable my cycle has always been, that I’m going to be peeing on a lot of sticks when we actually start this process. And I’m glad I actually had a period, because it would suck to start not having one again. Well, except if I were pregnant.


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