Let the Holidays Begin

November 25, 2010 at 12:59 am (Randomness)

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I really enjoy. The food, the family, sitting around the table and talking til all hours of the night. Last year we didn’t get to celebrate because we were out of the country so I feel like I missed out on everything, even though I was having lots of fun in Asia. This year I there was no way I was going to miss out on my family’s Thanksgiving, even though I knew that my girlfriend’s family would be doing Turkey Day, too. Normally, we take turns, going to my family’s celebration one year, hers the next. But can I tell you something? I don’t really think it’s Thanksgiving if you order all the food except the mashed potatoes. Homemade is just…better. I can’t eat store bought pumpkin pie and truly feel as if it’s Thanksgiving. So since I missed out on everything last year, I had to come home this year. And my girlfriend decided to stay down in L.A. to celebrate with her family.

Thanksgiving is a hard holiday to be apart, especially since my girlfriend’s birthday usually falls right around that time. So not celebrating with her makes me sad. I probably should have stayed in Los Angeles this year but I need my turkey fix!

Anyway, going forward. When we have kids, how are we going to decide where to go for the holidays if it’s already so hard? We really will have to alternate. Truthfully, we’ve spent Thanksgiving and Christmas apart for many years and just been together on New Year’s. That’s just the way it’s worked out. Adding kids to the mix will definitely make for more compromises. I just hope I’m grown up enough to be able to not get my way all the time.

Happy Thanksgiving, I’m going to go help my mom by moving furniture around. No, I’m not cooking anything. I just realized that someday I’m going to be the one making the turkey and all the other stuff if I want traditional Thanksgiving. Oh. No.


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