I’d Be the Cool Parent

November 17, 2010 at 8:30 pm (Baby on the Brain, TGF)

According to Modern Family, you can’t have 2 fun parents. It doesn’t work. Someone has to be the bad guy, someone has to say “no”.

I’m pretty sure they’re right, but my parents were both fun in their own ways, and both of them had the ability to say no. True, I felt as if I was closer to my mother than my father, but I wasn’t ever one to confide in either of them. And I don’t remember who I asked when I wanted something. Most likely it was my mother. Of course, I didn’t have to ask for a lot. And yes, I was a spoiled child who turned into a spoiled adult.

Our kid’s going to have two parents who say no. Chances are pretty good I’m going to be the fun one. I think. Although I haven’t spent that much time around kids, and I tend to be kind of rigid with them. But my girlfriend told me once that she was concerned because I’m definitely going to be the “cool” parent. You know, the one all the other kids like, who gets along and relates to the kids instead of acting like an authoritative parent. I’ve never been cool. I’m a huge dork, actually. I like Star Trek (TNG) and computer games, for god’s sake. But if an 8 year old thinks I’m cool, I’m ok with that.

Can you have 2 cool parents? My girlfriend seems to think she’s not going to be thought of that way. She’ll be the rational one–HAH! She’s the one who whines, “I’m not tired!” when she’s been up for over 24 hours. She laments the end of our vacations on the second day out of 5. She thinks scheduling 20 hours out of her day is perfectly normal. Yeah, she’s the rational one. Totally.

I remember thinking that my older cousins were totally cool. Even when they ignored me. So maybe that’s just what all kids think. Until they’re 12 or so. Then all parents are the most embarrassing things ever. I can’t wait for that to happen. I can’t wait to be at dinner or something with my adolescent kids and their friends, talking about how junior thought it was much more fun to run around the house bare ass naked when he was 3. I’m actually grinning with glee at the thought. Cool parent? Not so much.


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