I Hope I’m Not The Kind Of Parent

October 24, 2010 at 9:40 pm (Randomness) (, , , )

Who has to do everything for their child. Sure, I want to make sure that our child is well cared for and that he or she doesn’t have too many hardships. But I know that I’m spoiled and that I will probably spoil our child, too. That said, here’s where I draw the line:  I will make sure that our child knows how to clean–vacuum, scrub a toilet, dust, etc.–and how to do their own laundry. Oh, and iron. Making our child self sufficient is important to me, since I get the feeling that some kids, once they’re on their own, have no idea how to approach the ‘simple’ things that I learned growing up. Our children are going to have chores. Dishes, garbage, cleaning, in addition to things like keeping their own rooms clean and doing their homework and eating their vegetables.

Hell, I might even teach them how to sew. At least how to replace a button or stitch a patch on something.

Unless our children grow up to be independently wealthy, they’re not going to have housekeepers or other people who will do these things for them. I plan to give them plenty of lessons about how to be neat and clean. And if they choose to then live in filth, I’ll just have to lament about another thing at which I’ve failed my children.

Oh, and there’s a HUGE difference between being clean and being neat. Clean means yes, you can go into my bathroom and not question my own personal hygiene. I’m not neat by any stretch of the imagination. Piles of stuff are cluttered about our home, waiting to be sorted and put away. But I vacuum every week. I do the dishes daily. I clean the bathroom. A lot.


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