everyone in my family is having babies

October 16, 2010 at 5:58 pm (Baby on the Brain) (, , , )

My cousin’s in labor right now. with twins. She had a dr’s appointment yesterday and her blood pressure was elevated and there was protein in her urine so they decided to induce her last night/early this morning. As far as I know, she’s still in labor and things are progressing smoothly. Here’s to a safe delivery and healthy baby girls.

My cousin is 2 months older than me. Her sister had a baby earlier this year. My brother & his wife had a baby a year ago. So yeah, I think I’m about the only cousin around my age who hasn’t yet popped out a kid. I have a huge family that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. We’re onto the 5th generation of Japanese-Americans in the US.

Every time I see that side of the family, the questions start. “When are you getting married?” “When are you going to have a baby?” Yes, they know I’m a lesbian. I never had to tell them. I’m extremely lucky they’re so accepting. I’ve been with my girlfriend for almost 10 years. We thought about getting married in 2008 when it was legal in California, but we didn’t feel the time was right, nor did we want to get married on someone else’s timetable.  And while it’s important that we get married, someday, it’s more important that my family recognizes our relationship and treats it and my girlfriend the same as everyone else’s. Besides, my girlfriend’s not out to her family. Her story to tell.

But I can’t see us having a baby until my girlfriend’s out. I mean, how does that work? “Uh, Mom, my room mate’s pregnant. No, she’s not getting married. Yes, we’re going to raise the baby together.” Awkward.


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